Build your minority business!

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Build your minority business!

We'll help get the job done!

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 NAMC is proud to be a leading voice for millions of minority trade workers and an advocate for undocumented veterans in the construction industry. Of the 160 million people employed in the United States, more than 31% (50 million) earn a living in the construction industry. Hispanics and Latinos make up 30%, or 15 million, of these workers, and African Americans represent 17% or 8.5 million workers nationally. Other minorities, totaling about 2 million, make up approximately 2% of the workforce. Together, the construction industry workforce includes 25 million minority workers. 

Working Together

 The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) has a strong foundational history that has established a great legacy for the organization. NAMC’s presence and voice in this industry is of even greater need today than ever before to continue the mission of providing Access to (contracts & resource opportunities) for our brethren at large.

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